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Cafe Catering @ A Glance

While my company has only been in business since July 2011, I have been catering for the last 15 years. Working as a Catering Manager for Ruby Tuesday and more recently American Cafe, I have a unique perspective on my clients' needs and the ability to make it happen on short notice and within your budget.

Just A Few Of Our Services

We're not just caterers, we're specialist!

Catering mainly for Pharmaceutical Reps, we know that your time is important. You don't want to be picking up food and racing across town to meet a client. Sandwiches are fine every now and then, but our menu provides you with fresh options at a similar price point.

Do you know your potential clients? WE DO!!!

Having delivered to many of the offices in Mobile & surrounding areas, we have an extensive history file to help determine what a particular office likes and doesn't. Whether a client is Vegan, has a lactose intolerance, food allergies, or doesn't care for seafood might make the difference in you closing the deal.

What happens after hours should be enjoyed with Cafe Catering!

Having an after-hours hors d'oeuvre party, we can help with that. We offer a variety of finger foods (check out our Party Platter section) that can make your event a success.

Anyone Say Bunko?

Having a "Bunko" Party? Our Pastas and Salads are perfect for what you need. The pastas are designed to warm up quickly and taste like you spent all day preparing them. Our salads are made with the freshest ingredients and our dressings are served on the side so your guest can add to their desires.