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Why Cafe Catering?

The question should be WHY NOT Cafe Catering!


Speak Directly To The Catering Director
Speak to a someone who doesn't just have vast knowledge of catering and budgets, but also of your business and how catering fits in to what you do.
Quick & Simple Order Process
Cafe Catering works with a number of pharmaceutical reps. Because we are frequently in the offices they have an appointment with, all they have to do is say "20 people, Dr Barber, May 5 @ 11:30!" We'll check their history & preferences. Done!
Accessories Included
Cafe Catering includes several necessities that other caterers leave out. WE ARE AN ALL INCLUSIVE CATERING BUSINESS.

Cafe Catering provides setup, ice, cups and utensils. These items are included in the cost.
Menu Item Choice Assistance
Our menu planner considers balancing starches and main courses along with your budget. You will know exactly what will be served and can make any changes to the options before delivery.
Last Minute Orders
Cafe Catering welcomes orders submitted with less than a 24 hour notice.
WARNING! There will be a $40 cancellation fee on these orders should you cancel on the morning of the appointment.
Food Allergies & Office Preferences
It is not uncommon for a person's taste to change. Allergies, lactose intolerant, Vegan etc. We recognize that client needs change from time to time. At Cafe Catering, we can create a menu to satisfy the most demanding client.
Office Tracking
Cafe Catering keeps up with an office's previous order to eliminate duplication. We also keep a record of allergies as well as likes and dislikes in order to improve your audience's experience with you and your company.
Itemized & Credit Card Receipt Archive
Lose or misplace a receipt or itemized bill? No problem! We have it! Orders and payment are securely keep in our data base. Not sure what a client wants? If we don't have that information recorded already, we will make the call!
Party vs Budget Analysis & Calculation
Our Catering Director will assist you in choosing the best items for the number of people you are feeding. Present a balanced meal within you budget EVERYTIME!
Any Menu Item Replication
Why pay more in delivery fees or per person by going somewhere else? At Cafe Catering you can order "Off Menu Items" and we will accept most if not all challenges. Get the dishes you want in one place.